32BJ Where The Hell Are You???

I'm an old union man. I spent qute a few years on the executive board of one of the major unions in NYC. This web site used to be very active at one time and I just stopped working on it after I retired. I'm a shareholder now in a cooperative located up in the Riverdale area of the Bronx. Naturally, we have people working for us under the 32 BJ contract. We have a new property management organization on the job now and it seems as though we are starting to lose our best people for bullshit write-ups and commando style no warning raids on office personell as well as the union guys.

We have a superintendent with 20 years on the job and everybody loves him. This man has been working for us for 20 years, he is in the hospital recovering from two (2) serious and quite painful job related injuries. Everybody, (240) apartments got a notice telling us that he has been fired. In the mean time he can't even get a hold of one of his union reps to go to the hospital to help him out. If he was one of my men they would never do this crap. I would be raising holy hell.

Have we forgotten that an injury to one is an injury to all. People somehow forget that a union reps job is more than just strutting around wearing a union jacket. It means getting your ass out there and fighting for your people.

Send somebody up to help him. This notice will stay up here for all members of the different unions to see what the hell we're standing for. Get it done dammit!!!!

Here's a copy of your contract just in case you need to brush up on it

Needless to say this is done without this employees knowledge. He has enough crap to deal with just trying to recover. As an old retired union guy I'm just going to see to it that he gets all the help he needs. You can contact them (his employer) and tell them who you are and that you need to contact the super and that you fully intend to help him. This web page will come down when you do send somebody to help him, and not before then.





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